Do you know what is “Mind coding” or “brain coding”?

Let me explain you in brief; when your mind is fed/filled with some kind of information repeatedly, they act as a code to your mind and your mind starts acting according to that code.

Let me give you an example:- From your childhood you are being told that you are nothing, just a dumb, repeatedly at every interval/month/year. Then your mind turns these words into code and you starts behaving like that it affix to your nature/personality. In the couple of years, your personality tends to behave like dumb only.

How we can come over to it?

Don’t let your mind coded with these bad words and allow it fills with positive words and positive smiles. Even don’t use bad words for others also they may lend up in that personality. Because when you are coded with words like “ you can do it”, instead of you cannot do it, “you did very well”, instead of you did not, “ you are hero” instead of you are nothing. These words do wonders to your personality and you fully bloom into this world.

If anyone is cursing you in bad manner, then just move away from that place and don’t allow your mind hear these words instead join the company of people who praise you, show faith in you, it will keep your mind away from bad coding and fill it with good coding.

So, for a good and vibrant health, always code your mind with the words “I am healthy”, practice nutritious healthy food and preach healthy. It will help you in some way to get rid from scope of illnesses. Because if you keep on saying you are unhealthy can’t do this or that, your mind fix that code and your body starts deteriorating.

Hope you have understood the concept and from today onwards code your mind with healthy and positive words.

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Neha Garg

Neha Garg is the founder of Nutriguru and Chief Dietitian in the organization. She is an expert in dietetics that is human nutrition and the regulation of diet. She has more than 10 years of experience in which she had worked with Apollo life, Goldsgym, Fitness first platinum gym and many more. She has given health talks in the eminent MNC's and continued to serve the society in seek of making healthy lives healtheir world.

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