Sometimes cause of damage lies in roots rather than superficial, so we should treat the disease and problem at root level to eradicate it forever.

Hair damage, thinning, fall occur because of unavailability of vitamins (Biotin), minerals (Zinc, selenium), proteins (keratin) and good fats (Omega 3) in the body. Our diet should contain number of food items on daily basis to maintain the optimum nutrition level for healthy body healthy soul.

  1. Almonds- They provide protein, good fats and Biotin. An important vitamin, which take care of hair follicle and roots of hair. Daily consumption of fist full almonds, meet up the daily requirement of biotin.
  2. Paneer / cottage cheese- It provides protein, calcium and fat. Proteins help in strengthening of hair, as from hair to the nail of toe, everything is made up of protein. Protein deficiency leads to discolouration and brittleness in hair texture.
  3. Broccoli- This is the richest source of vitamins and mineral profile with some amino acids which are required for hair growth.
  4. Sprouts (wheat and pulses): Sprouting increases the bioavailability as well as vitamin- mineral profile of food. so snack it up.
  5. Sunflower and pumpkin seeds: These seeds are rich in omega 3 and omega 6, this provides strength to hairs structure.
  6. Oranges, Amla, lemon and raw papaya: Vitamin C in these fruits brings lustre and shine to the hairs.

With these dietary changes take care of other things also, such as:-

1. Wash your hair twice a week with mild shampoo followed by conditioner.

2. Do oiling of scalp or roots of hair, twice a week.

3. Apply serum after every hair wash to protect or ziplock the moisture.

4. Meditate or do some relaxing exercise. This practice prevents hair follicle entering into telogen phase. (Hair thinning, shedding, falling).

5. Cover your hair in the Sun and self quench your thirst.

These small practices will help in preventing unnecessary hair loss and thinning. For enrolling into our personalized Diet plan you can drop a message on +918527066087 and write us at [email protected] 





Neha Garg

Neha Garg is the founder of Nutriguru and Chief Dietitian in the organization. She is an expert in dietetics that is human nutrition and the regulation of diet. She has more than 10 years of experience in which she had worked with Apollo life, Goldsgym, Fitness first platinum gym and many more. She has given health talks in the eminent MNC's and continued to serve the society in seek of making healthy lives healtheir world.

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