We all love eating food, it not just satisfy our hunger it is a part of our socialising too. After studying multiple of studies and counselling thousands of people I came across some signs and symptoms which indicate our diet lacks in micronutrients which may not affect the exterior of body but effects our behaviour, moods and quality of life.

See whether you are not one them suffering from micronutrients deficiency:-

  1. You feel tired all day: Even after consuming homemade healthy food you feel fatigue and tiredness whole day.  You feel like dragging your body to work or to other places.
  2. Frequently crave for salty, sour and sweets: After every meal you crave for sweets or salty food, without these flavours your hunger does not curb. Means you need to check ingredients of meal.
  3. Weight is increasing like petrol prices: Every time you check for your weight over machine, you see a different figure, not able to find what’s wrong going on?
  4. Hairs are falling like house of cards: Every time you comb your hair, see a bunch of hairs moving out. You have stopped combing your hair in fear of hair fall and preferred to make a bun instead of keeping wavy open.
  5. Sometimes body pains like electric shock: Out of 30 days in a month 20 days suffered from body pain or particular site of pain (Head, Eyes, hands, feet’s and back). Tired of using pain ointment, pain killers, sleep therapy and oil therapy.


If you need help and guidance


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Neha Garg

Neha Garg is the founder of Nutriguru and Chief Dietitian in the organization. She is an expert in dietetics that is human nutrition and the regulation of diet. She has more than 10 years of experience in which she had worked with Apollo life, Goldsgym, Fitness first platinum gym and many more. She has given health talks in the eminent MNC's and continued to serve the society in seek of making healthy lives healtheir world.

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