My Weight Loss Journey

My weight loss journey might help you shed those extra pounds on your tummy which can never be anyone’s cup of tea. In my first pregnancy I gained 20kg of weight, after delivery still 17kgs were extra on my weight and was more on my belly. I was 8 inches extra on all my sides. People who never saw me bulky were shocked to see the transformation; I was more like a football, short and plump. On my family side, they liked the new mommy shape, as I never been so heavy, chubbier apart from my childhood. But at my part I was not able to adjust with the extra kilos and inches on my body because I was not able to tie my shoe laces, my hands were not able to reach at my back, I was not able to stand for long, within minutes I felt like drained of energy with all of these my baby did not let me rest for a second, he always want to rest in my arms where he gets the maximum comfort and yes his food also, we can’t miss for that because for next 180 days he had survived on my breastmilk only.
Once I completed 180 days exclusive breastfeeding it helped me in shedding 7kg of weight. But still 10kg was extra. So I planned the day’s activity and meals which aid me in shedding all my maternity weight. It was not easy as it seems, it took my determination, dedication, will power to show me the result in wonderful way. When you hear words like” you look like a college goer or a student “ “Are you kidding that you are a mother of a child”, “you look very young”” seems you just started your career” and I end up explaining them that I have 10 years of experience in my field.
Today I am going to reveal about my weight loss mantras which helped me staying motivated and slimmer again without losing glow of skin and developing any deficiency.

1. Never check your weight on daily basis: Checking weight daily can be detrimental to your mental health. Let your clothes and friends tell you about your weight loss rather than machine. It works as a booster while you are on your weight loss regime. Otherwise you may end up developing psychological stress which also works as a barrier during weight loss.
2. Keep yourself hydrated- Never miss on your 0 kcal liquids. They won’t just keep you energetic but aid in weight loss also. They are natural detoxifier free of cost which you got from nature, so be wise and save your penny. Water helps in suppressing the appetite also.
3. Consume 3 fruits a day – choose seasonal over fancy fruit. They nourish your cell, immune your body and work as filler for long gaps between meals. They contain natural sugar, which is better than your processed sugar. So opt for fruit based desert rather than sugar based.
4. Go nutty- Yes you heard it right nuts, they are abundant source energy and carry hidden healing power. Zinc, selenium, biotin, omega 3 and protein are some of the common nutrients they possess. So make separate time for their consumption. But remember not to mix with any other meal.
5. Don’t starve or skip: It is very important, because if you keep yourself deprive of food, you will end up eating cheat meals frequently. So don’t starve, keep stuff handy and nutritious.
6. Don’t get fooled by zero carb diet results: Look for protein rich sources in your diet and consume more of that source than just simple carbs, because you need less energy from food now and have to utilize the maximum from stores. Zero carbs will end you up eating lot of cheat meals. So don’t stress yourself in seeking quick fix result. The time your body has taken in gaining allow the same time for reduction also for long lasting effect.
7. Take sound sleep:- Ask your family member or partner to let you rest without disturbance for some time. Sleeping helps in faster recovery and maintaining energy levels which aids in weight loss and correcting metabolic changes.
8. Go active: Find reasons to waste your energy, whether it means taking long route to reach home, dusting your home twice and using stairs to go up and down with holding light weight objects in your hands.

These are some of the ways through which I was able to shed extra kilos from my weight, just try it out on yourself to get the same results.

If you need help and guidance

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Neha Garg

Neha Garg is the founder of Nutriguru and Chief Dietitian in the organization. She is an expert in dietetics that is human nutrition and the regulation of diet. She has more than 10 years of experience in which she had worked with Apollo life, Goldsgym, Fitness first platinum gym and many more. She has given health talks in the eminent MNC's and continued to serve the society in seek of making healthy lives healtheir world.

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