People always stay worried on how much is too much?

Nutritionist says have this thing in small portion and that thing in big portion.

But people always wonder what exactly is their portion, So the answer is; nobody’s able to define better, than their own body.

To keep this in mind, I have made some points, to make people understand about how they can find about their portion size.

 Some useful points to identify about “My Active routine” are:-

1. Observe your own self, your own activities and day to day life pattern, if you cannot recognize, then pick a pen and paper to write all small and big things about your daily routine life e.g. time when you had your breakfast, lunch, dinner and when you munch on in between of whole day.

2. What kind of activities you indulge in day to day routine e.g.  Going to office, hours of work, kind of job, travelling or sitting, travelling time, mode of transport for travel, going market to buy products and veggies, household chores etc.

3. Any illness, medicinal side effects related weight gain, stressful environment.

4. Record you weight twice in a week early morning empty stomach after getting fresh.

If you are able to write down about above mentioned points you observed then you can easily get to know about your portion in diet. Use your hand to estimate your portion in diet.

·  1 cup = your fist

·  1 ounce/ = the meaty part of your thumb

·  1 tablespoon = tip of your thumb

·  1 teaspoon = the tip of your index finger

·  1 inch = the middle section of your index finger

·  30-60 grams of a food like nuts or seeds = your cupped hand

·  80 grams of meat, fish, or poultry = the palm of your hand

Size of Chapati should be = the size of palm of your hand

These are rough estimates, will vary based on the size of your hand, but it’s the easiest and useful method to start with a routine, and bring changes in lifestyle.

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Neha Garg

Neha Garg is the founder of Nutriguru and Chief Dietitian in the organization. She is an expert in dietetics that is human nutrition and the regulation of diet. She has more than 10 years of experience in which she had worked with Apollo life, Goldsgym, Fitness first platinum gym and many more. She has given health talks in the eminent MNC's and continued to serve the society in seek of making healthy lives healtheir world.

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