Eat Healthy Live Healthy

NutriGuru brand is the concept of A Lifestyle expert, A passionate Nutritionist, Mompreneur and an Entrepreneur Neha Garg, who dreamt to see the healthier world and happy people.

We believe, everybody on earth has uniqueness in there body type, structure, way of thought process, eating habits and emotional status. There is no pattern of diet which can fix to all, everyone’s body respond differently to it. At NutriGuru we study our clients activity, emotional status, nutritional status and dietary pattern, before prescribing diet schedule and workout routine. Your diet schedule and workout plan will all depend on your requirement and needs, which will be customized according to you only.


Day to Day

Nutrition Strategy

01: Tropical food

We dont promote fancy food and flashy diets, we focussed on simple diets and more nutrition.

02: Debunk Myths

03: Active Lifestyle

We dont promote gym, but recommend an active lifestyle for healthier life.

Offer healthier lifestyle

Process for Healthy Life

  • Eat Organic

  • Exercise

  • Smile More

  • Sound Sleep

  • Do More Yoga

  • Drink Water